2018 Federal Poverty Guidelines; Many people are surprised at how much they qualify. 
Below are some of the actual guidelines to help determine your bottom line help.
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FPL Guidelines 2018, health insurance Guidelines for 2018

Federal Poverty Level amounts are higher in Alaska and Hawaii.

How federal poverty levels are used to determine eligibility for reduced-cost health coverage

  •  Income between 100% and 400% FPL: If your income is in this range, in all states you qualify for premium tax credits that lower your monthly premium for a Marketplace health insurance pla
  • Income below 138% FPL: If your income is below 138% FPL and your state has expanded Medicaid coverage, you qualify for Medicaid based only on your income
  •  Income below 100% FPL: If your income falls below 100% FPL and your state hasn't expanded Medicaid coverage, you won't qualify for either income-based Medicaid or savings on a Marketplace health insurance plan. You may still qualify for Medicaid under your states current rules.
  • "Income" above refers to "modified adjusted gross income" (MAGI). For most people, it's the same or very similar to "adjusted gross income" (AGI). MAGI isn't a number on your tax return.

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