Health; It makes it's demands on it's own schedule...  Are you ready for it?

Health Insurance is confusing, and critical deadlines approach that affect all Americans working with the Affordable Health Care Act;

  1.  January 31st; Deadline to apply for start   coverage on March 1.
  2. Those NOT enrolled by January 31st  won't be covered until 2017!
  3. Those not covered for longer than 60 days face tax penalties!

More on Health Insurance and the Affordable Health Care Act...

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Health insurance is confusing, recently coined as "like learning a different language."

At Insure It Forward our guide is to help you be ready and make the best decisions on health insurance for when you need it.

With all the changes from the Affordable Health Care Act you need the best information NOW.

Information that can empower you in your health - and in your wallet for months, even years to come.

In the Insure It Forward "Your Health Insurance Guide" get current, pivotal information on:

  • What is Obamacare and how it affects you.
  • What to look for in a Health Care Plan.
  • Real Information on who qualifies for subsidy help with the Affordable Care Act.
  • How to get fast quotes online custom calculated for you.
  • Common Terms you need to understand when navigating through to your best Health Care Plan.
  • MORE!
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