Here are our Federal Poverty Guidelines for 2022

Take a look at this chart to get a better idea of the help you can get with the Affordable Care Act, or ACA ...

The Affordable Care Act provides more help than many people realize. System benefits are based on number of people in the household in combination with the income level for 2022.

As noted in the chart, household incomes above 400% will likely qualify for  benefits also, and Household incomes below 138% will likely qualify for SoonerCare.

2022 Federal Poverty Guidelines for Insure It Forward

Having a good Insurance Agent to rely on doesn't cost you anything and In Return;

  • You get better information
  • You're more likely to find a "best fit" plan.
  • Save more because of that fit.
  • Have more all around benefits.
  • Be more on top of the insurance game as changes come... and they will.

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Elite Circle of Champions Badge recognition for Insure It Forward

The Elite badge; The highest designation by  to  top agents  who serve their community.  “Agents are there for people in the community,” said Kevin Counihan, Marketplace CEO.  “They help people get the coverage they need for their families, where they need it.”