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Are you new to Medicare?
Here are some helpful hints to understanding Medicare!

First, let’s answer the question, what is Medicare?  Medicare is one of the most comprehensive health insurance programs in the United States. 

Medicare is funded through income tax and is available to those turning 65 that qualify and those that have been on Social Security Disability for certain disabilities for 2 years. 

There are several components to Medicare. Simply put; Plan A, for hospitalization, Medicare Part B, for medical insurance, Plan C, Medicare Advantage Plans, Plan D, Prescription Drug Plans and Medigap or Medicare Supplements.

In 2021 over 76 million people were enrolled in the program, making it the largest health insurance program in the United States. However, enrolling in Medicare is a complicated process and will take some research to find the right plan. It is best to utilize a licensed health insurance agent that can help answer any questions and guide you to the best plan for your circumstance.

Enrolling in Medicare Advantage Plans or a Medicare Supplement over the phone with someone you do not know is not recommended, it is too easy to get into a plan that “sounds great” but does not provide the best plan for you. As stated, consult a local agent that will be available for your questions and is invested in finding the best plan for you, the plan that has your doctors, your hospitals/clinics, and the right prescription drug coverage. An agent that will go over the benefits and drawbacks of Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplements and Prescription Drug Plans.

One question that often comes up is: Why should I use an agent; don’t I have to pay them for a service I already have to pay for? No, no you do not, if an agent asks you to pay them a consultation fee, RUN. Agents are compensated through commissions regulated by the government each year and they receive those commissions from the insurance companies. You pay the same whether you use an agent or not.

In short, do not choose a Medicare plan alone, find someone that will explain the process in a way that gives you piece of mind. 

Having a good Insurance Agent to rely on doesn't cost you anything and In Return;

  • You get better information
  • You're more likely to find a "best fit" plan.
  • Save more because of that fit.
  • Have more all around benefits.
  • Be more on top of the insurance game as changes come... and they will.

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