Judith Zanipitan, health insurance agent of Insure It Forward

Agent Judith Zanipatin, My story in being a part of Insure It Forward

I was born in Guatemala and have lived in both Sunny San Diego and close to the “Shore” in New Jersey, but Oklahoma is Home for me because this is where all of my immediate family resides. 

I have one son and a daughter and I like the wholesome environment and opportunities Oklahoma has to offer.

From a very young age, I would help my parents and their friends translate documents and interpret for them at school and at the doctor’s office. 

My forte has been in customer service from working in a law-firm to a pharmaceutical and geophysical company, I thrive whenever I’m helping people.

Working for Insure It Forward, Inc.  Is a natural fit because I help people figure out what is the best fit for their unique situation. It is a lot of fun to meet people at events that support our community and I especially enjoy translating for Spanish-speaking customers because it can be very intimidating not to understand the basics of insurance. 

It is my goal to educate anyone I meet on their rights and choices available so that they make a well-informed decision when choosing a plan.  As a little girl growing up in Guatemala, I witnessed third-world poverty and lack of precious resources such as water first-hand, and I’m proud to belong to a company that gives “Forward” and supports charities that truly make a difference in third-world countries and communities. 

Having a good Insurance Agent to rely on doesn't cost you anything and In Return;

  • You get better information
  • You're more likely to find a "best fit" plan.
  • Save more because of that fit.
  • Have more all around benefits.
  • Be more on top of the insurance game as changes come... and they will.

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The Elite badge; The highest designation by HealthCare.gov  to  top agents  who serve their community.  “Agents are there for people in the community,” said Kevin Counihan, Marketplace CEO.  “They help people get the coverage they need for their families, where they need it.”