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Insure It Forward has the scoop on what's new in health insurance.

We are one of Oklahoma's top-rated health insurance companies.

There are several positives that continue to roll from year to year.  With these plans you cannot be turned down for coverage.  The income guidelines allow more people to qualify. Before there was a strict cut off at 400% of poverty level, that cut off no longer exist, at least until 2025. That means more families qualify for a subsidy.

In the more populated areas of the state, there are more than 100 plans offered by 6 different carriers. Meaning, with a little time, we will be able to find a plan that covers your budget, your doctors and your hospitals.

On the other hand, as mentioned, there are more than 100 plans to choose from in the metro areas of Oklahoma. Many of the plans are great when it comes to monthly premiums, however the deductibles are high, $9100 in many cases and you must pay for most of your services until you reach that deductible, so that is something to keep in mind.  In these cases, there are supplemental plans away from the Marketplace that can help offset the deductible and they are more reasonable than finding a plan that provides great coverage on the Marketplace. These plans will pay you in the event of an accident or sickness at a level you choose.

In many cases you could get one of these supplemental plans for $100 for that will cover that deductible of $9100 for an individual. Also, we will be able to find plans that cover your doctors and hospitals but the plan may be too high for your budget, so if you are willing to change doctors, there are more affordable plans with a different carrier available. 

In short you have options, but the best way to explore these options is to find a local agent that knows the area and how to best help you survive these pros and cons.  What looks like a pro may be a con and vice versa.

Having a good Insurance Agent to rely on doesn't cost you anything and In Return;

  • You get better information
  • You're more likely to find a "best fit" plan.
  • Save more because of that fit.
  • Have more all around benefits.
  • Be more on top of the insurance game as changes come... and they will.

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