OBAMACARE TRUMPed 4 part series on Living Oklahoma Fox News - Part 3

Trumps First Day Executive order effects on Oklahoma & Obamacare

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Jim Scheihing owner of InSureItForward joining us once again because this is an important time of year there are only six days left to get signed up for the health insurance for 2017. So we're kind of in the last few days for people trying to do that and your kind of  here to help people get out of it may have some issues and look at some other  plans as well, right?

That's exactly right, there is only six days left which means you're not going to get health insurance for 2017 after January 31 unless you have a qualified change like you lose your job or something like that, but if you just call it say "Hey, I want to buy health insurance, you're not gonna be able to do that.

Now, what people need to know, and, what are some other options?

Ok, the main thing is is the federal poverty level, which I believe I mentioned last time when I was here and I believe that's going to be put up on the screen. That's a really big factor. If your income guidelines are on that you really want to look at when the Blue Cross ACA-compliant plans. So if your income is between like for family of 2 at 16,000 all the way up to 64,000, you can get a lot of help. Again the example I used the other day with an older family in their sixties making 66,000 year didn't qualify for any help but if they made 63,000 they would have gotten eighteen hundred dollars a month help.

This is all based on 2017 income, so you can you know some people can still change it. You can, if you're on that low end like when your viewers that called and said that the Affordable Care Act that they wouldn't qualify well they put that they guesstimated they make 11,000 for 2017. Well, if they think they can find a way to make 12,000 they'll get a couple hundred dollars a month help.

So just being told no it's not always the right answer there, in my opinion. So, if you qualify, if your incomes are within those guidelines, and you don't have group health insurance, you're with a blue cross plan which is the only affordable care act compliant plan is the way to go. If your income guidelines aren't in that when we do have some other options.

The other options are the Christian Healthshare Plans. There are five of those. Now they're not health insurance but they do make you exempt from the penalty so you don't have to pay the penalty ok. And it's just the idea of Acts II of where Christians sharing each other's burdens, so it's not insurance but you are taking care of your risk by having other people partner with you and sharing those risk. You know a lot of people don't know we represent the Christian Healthshare plans we represent all the different Health Insurance plans so we can help you figure out the plan that's right for you. 

Right, I mean this isn't just about one plan, it's about finding out what's best for a person or family.

That's exactly right, and sometimes it's a Christian Health Share, sometimes it's a short-term, sometimes I'm telling, you know, you need to just go with your with your group plan, so, it's really about finding out what's right for that person. 

Is there a cost to use an agent, how does that work?

No, there's no cost to use an agent, we're paid by the insurance companies and our rates are the same whether you use us or not. So, if you're rate is two hundred dollars, buying it from me it will be two hundred dollars during buying direct from the company. Now, there are some agents that do charge you admin fees, but we don't do that Insure It Forward.

Ok, because that that's a good question i'm sure you can, haha yes yeah, that was kinda awkward when it's a friend or something afterwards… "Uh, by the way, what do I owe you?" So that's always nice to have that upfront. Remind people why it's so important to have Health Insurance if they can.

Because you really don't know when you're going to have that big bill. Everybody thinks about the doctor's office co-pays, and the prescriptions, but you buy the health insurance because you don't know when your baby's going to be premature, and you have a three-million-dollar charge. You don't know when you're gonna need some type of surgery and it's 90,000 or 200,000 that's why I'm so passionate about making sure you know what you're buying, because a lot of the plans out there that you know if it's not a Blue Cross Plan and it says in the fine print it doesn't meet the ACA guidelines, it means it has limits and the ACA plans don't. If you have a two million dollar bill in your maximum out-of-pocket is five thousand dollars, or ten thousand that's all you're going to pay. five or 10,000.

Well, and then that's where getting expert advice is so important, because I know there are a number of plans out there that don't really cover what you think they do and you find out too late, right?

That's exactly right. One of your viewers called in the other day and they had purchased a plan through and when they looked at it said it didn't meet the ACA guidelines. So they called us and that plan actually wasn't insurance at all it was just a bunch of discounts. And then we see a lot that have like, say, they have a two-million-dollar maximum but the maximum daily benefit is a thousand dollars. Which, that isn't really.

Enough, right, that's not even close enough to talk about. It sounds like a lot but in the medical world it is not. All right, let's talk about your extended hours and everything. All right, between now and Tuesday Jan 31st we're going to be open extended hours the open to at least eight at the Edmond office, we'll be open Saturday and Sunday and Monday and Tuesday will be open till at least eight at both offices.

All right, six more days and Jim has any information you need, he'll get you in the right spot. You want to call Insure It Forward right now at (405) 585- 0648 you know the website is InsureItForward.com., Facebook is InsureItForward, Twitter is InsureItForward

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